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Enhance your productivity so you can spend more time closing deals. Firm Exchange provides custom built solutions to better organize your potential deals so you can deliver quicker and better results for your clients.

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Organization and Efficiency

Firm Exchange is built to help business brokers deliver faster results for their clients. Our customizable dashboard and Exchange Space solutions keep everything in one place, which makes managing multiple deals easier than ever before.

Collaboration Made Simple

Collaborate with each deal team in an organized virtual deal space to keep everyone on the same page and working toward closing. Every update is stored in the cloud and available on your dashboard.

Easy Access to Shared Files

No more digging through emails to figure out what file has been shared with a potential buyer. With our software you can easily track every file, with every potential buyer, wherever you are.

Manage team members by deal

Stage-based deal tracking

Monitor all deals in one place

Customizable notifications

Scalable document sharing

Recorded due diligence