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Designed to Keep Your Deals Moving Forward

Too often deals stall and collapse during the due diligence process. Our Exchange Space and Due Diligence Center are designed to streamline the entire deal process and improve engagement. With Firm Exchange you are able to get all the right parties together, work through due diligence requests, and drive more deals to the closing table.

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Identify (and Tackle!) Unresolved Issues

Never miss out on a critical email that could cause a buyer to lose interest or a seller to get distracted. Our Diligence Center conversations keep the entire deal team engaged on each due diligence topic. And our resolution tracking system makes sure all questions get addressed.

Gather and Share Financial Information

Our Historical Financials software provides brokers with a template form to work with sellers to collect critical financial information. Just as important, sharing templated financial statements and financial analysis with potential buyers is a simple as flipping a switch.

Bring Everyone Up to Speed Quickly

Our custom-built Exchange Space software lets brokers seamlessly manage each deal from one central location. Grant and revoke permission to the deal space as needed. No more sharing long email chains or ad-hoc files. Everyone sees what they need, when they need it, so you can keep your deal on track to closing.