Firm Exchange: Firm Exchange is Perfect for Business Brokers

Firm Exchange offers a differentiated online experience to help business brokers find buyers and close more deals more quickly.

Our marketing team builds digital advertising campaigns specifically tailored for all posted listings. Each time you post a business for sale on Firm Exchange, you'll benefit from this complimentary service. This targeted approach drives more potential buyers to your clients' listings.

Secure your place on our innovative platform and get increased exposure for your listings. We offer unlimited listings for a fixed monthly price – no upsells or hidden fees.

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Built from the ground up to keep buyers focused on what matters most, your listings

  • Professional, modern, and ad-free: our interface keeps buyers’ eyes on your listings
  • Easily add your profile information to each listing, in turn driving more traffic to your portfolio and increasing your overall visibility
  • Custom fields give you flexibility to add information that is unique to a specific business
  • Our Business Inquiry tool with built-in communications platform lets you easily review and respond to interested buyers

Tools and resources to help you close more deals

Too often quality listings end up lost in the shuffle on other sites. At Firm Exchange, our Listing Completion Rating ensures the best listings get the most exposure, not who pays the most.

A customizable dashboard helps you choose which businesses to prioritize. Stay in command of all your deals and receive notifications when there’s activity that warrants your attention.

Each inquiry includes an option to start an Exchange Space with the potential buyer. This unique, workflow tool helps guide participants through the deal process and brings all the critical pieces of a deal together in one place.

Showcase your expertise in the Professional Directory

Market your business brokerage expertise and gain extra exposure for you and your company by adding your profile to the Professional Directory. Gain new leads while networking with other members of the Firm Exchange community. No ads, no fees -- just another way we help get deals done more efficiently.

Join for free and start creating your listings today.

You only pay when you post your listings and make them available for search.

For a limited time, we are offering introductory pricing when you post your listings.

We want our business broker customers focused on finding buyers and closing deals, not worrying about listing limits or additional costs.
That’s why we offer straightforward pricing without any up-sells or add-ons.

Lifetime Listing

Single Payment

Pay once for listing and lock in your
listing cost.

(for a limited time)

A terrific value for selling one or a few businesses.

Other sites charge a monthly fee for each listing, meaning the longer your business takes to sell, the more money they make. This plan aligns our interests and means we share your goal of selling your business as quickly as possible!

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Unlimited Listings

Monthly Subscription

Pay once per month and receive
unlimited listings.

(for a limited time)

An excellent option for selling several businesses each year.

Our deal management tools are helpful for sellers who are juggling multiple listings, particularly business brokers. We want to encourage your success and do so by offering individual users an unlimited number of listings and geographic reach!

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