Firm Exchange: Firm Exchange is Ideal for Business Brokers

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Firm Exchange offers an intuitive, modern platform to engage with counterparties while staying in control of all your deals. Our unique Exchange Space concept organizes each deal team into its own digital environment, offering an easy way to visualize progress and keep every deal on track.

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Tools and resources to help you close deals more efficiently

A customizable dashboard helps you choose which deals to focus on. Stay in command of all your deals and receive notifications when there’s activity that warrants your attention.

Our easy-to-use tools help you create business summary pages to share with potential leads. Manage the buyer screening process with our Business Inquiry system and, when you're ready, launch an Exchange Space to manage the deal.

The deal stage tracker and notification systems help ensure the entire deal team is notified of updates and keep deals on track to closing.

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An incredible value for selling several businesses each year

Firm Exchange is the hub where successful deals happen. Our deal workflow tools are built to boost productivity, prevent mistakes, and maintain momentum on all of your deals. Ideal for business brokers selling multiple businesses.

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