Firm Exchange: Buy a Business on Firm Exchange

At Firm Exchange, we recently launched a cutting-edge platform to help you buy a small business with confidence.

We understand that buying a small business can be an emotional process, and it’s important to get it right. Begin today by joining our rapidly growing community and set up alerts for the kinds of businesses that you find interesting. You’ll be automatically notified when matches are posted to the site—all completely free.

Read more about the buying process by checking out our blog and join today to start your business search.

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When you join Firm Exchange, you’ll have access to an incredible set of features and benefits to help you buy a business, absolutely free

  • Search for businesses without the clutter and advertisements found on many sites
  • Quickly separate the wheat from the chaff with our unique Listing Completion Rating system
  • Utilize a Favorites List to track the most promising listings
  • Contact sellers and start a conversation with Business Inquiries
  • Bring all parties together and keep your deal on track with Exchange Spaces
  • Create Watch Lists and receive notifications when a listing that matches your personalized criteria is added to the platform
  • Share your acquisition interests in the Professional Directory and let interested parties contact you to help you build your network and find more opportunities

Listing rating system protects your most valuable resource — time

Our unique rating system, the Listing Completion Rating (LC Rating), puts an emphasis on information transparency. Listings with the most information are placed at the top of search results. The reason is simple—getting the right information in front of buyers gets deals done more quickly.

The LC Rating helps you figure out which listings are worth your time. Some sites let sellers pay more money to get better placement in search results, meaning they make money while making it harder for you to find what you're looking for. We never offer sellers a chance to buy their way to the top—ever.