Firm Exchange: How Firm Exchange Helps You Buy or Sell a Business

Firm Exchange is the modern approach to buying a small business, with features built to help make your deal a success.

Looking to buy or sell a small business? Do it confidently with Firm Exchange.

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Customizable User Dashboard

Easy access to everything you need, right at your fingertips. No ads, upsells, or other distractions.

  • Business Inquiries help keep track of every inbound lead. Start a conversation, and when you’re ready, launch an Exchange Space to manage the deal.
  • Follow business listings that interest you with your personalized Favorites list.
  • Protect your account and information with an enhanced level of security by enabling Two-Factor Authorization.
  • Save searches in your Watch List and be automatically alerted when new listings are added that match your criteria.

Listing Completion Rating

Better listing placement at no extra cost. Other sites ask sellers to pay more money to get higher placement in results. Our unique rating system, the Listing Completion Rating (LC Rating), emphasizes information completeness and rewards more thorough listings with higher placement in search results. The reason is simple—getting relevant information in front of buyers early in the process helps get deals done more quickly.

Driven by descriptive business information and historical financials, the LC Rating for each listing is easily monitored so sellers can keep track of where they stand. To learn more about how the Listing Completion Rating works, visit our Listing Completion Rating page.

Historical Financials Tool

A win-win for buyers and sellers. For sellers, one of the hardest parts of the deal is gathering your financial information for would-be buyers to review. Our easy-to-use Historical Financials Tool streamlines the process while allowing the seller to retain complete control over his or her information. For buyers, the result is a standardized, exportable set of data that provides a head start on their due diligence process.

Exchange Space with Integrated Diligence Center

Unique deal space brings all parties together and offers a one-stop-shop for the entire due diligence process.

Firm Exchange is the hub where successful deals happen. No more losing track of email conversations or shared documents. All parties stay on the same page and can work together to close the deal.

Sellers invite interested buyers and advisors into each Exchange Space, providing a platform for all parties involved in the deal to stay on the same page

Stage-based tracking helps you monitor progress on every potential deal

Sellers control access to standardized, exportable historical financial records

Real-time notifications so you never miss an update

Organize questions by topic, as broad or as specific as you need

Seamless record of communication within every diligence topic

Powerful search tool works across topics and within messages

Attach documents to any message and view all uploaded documents in a centralized repository

Marking items as complete keeps the focus on topics that still need to be addressed