Firm Exchange: How Firm Exchange Helps You Sell a Business

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Deal Workflow Powered by an Exchange Space

Managing multiple business sales has never been easier.

  • Each business summary page includes a link to start a conversation, which is created in the Business Inquiries area within your dashboard.
  • When you're ready, you can launch a separate Exchange Space for each potential buyer.
  • Invite the broader deal team into relevant Exchange Spaces, share documents, and monitor deal progress all from one convenient location.

Customizable Notification System

Track and monitor progress across all your deals, so you never miss a critical update.

  • New notifications are highlighted and displayed prominently in your dashboard.
  • Clicking on a notification will instantly take you to the relevant page, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Choose the email settings that work for you, including the option to receive a daily summary of all your Diligence Center activity.

Historical Financials Tool

Create and share critical financial information with our secure, easy-to-use financial templates.

  • Enter up to four years of financial information in our standardized templates, grouped intuitively by financial category.
  • Our software generates income statements and balance sheets, along with summary and trend analysis tools.
  • Exchange Space owners retain full control of their information and can share with various parties at their sole discretion.

Exchange Space with Integrated Diligence Center

Unique deal space brings all parties together and offers a one-stop-shop for the entire due diligence process.

Firm Exchange is the hub where successful deals happen. No more losing track of email conversations or shared documents. All parties stay on the same page and can work together to close the deal.

Sellers invite interested buyers and advisors into each Exchange Space, providing a platform for all parties involved in the deal to stay on the same page

Stage-based tracking helps you monitor progress on every potential deal

Sellers control access to standardized, exportable historical financial records

Real-time notifications so you never miss an update

Organize questions by topic, as broad or as specific as you need

Seamless record of communication within every diligence topic

Powerful search tool works across topics and within messages

Attach documents to any message and view all uploaded documents in a centralized repository

Marking items as complete keeps the focus on topics that still need to be addressed