Firm Exchange: Prevent Mistakes by Using Firm Exchange

Guard Against Embarrassing Errors

Confidentiality is important to every transaction, especially when it comes to sharing sensitive information with counterparties. With Firm Exchange, you can minimize the risk of mistakes by keeping all files and communication organized in one place with every deal team.

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Make Email Misfires a Thing of the Past

There are few feelings worse than having to run damage control after accidentally sending an email to the wrong person, particularly if it contains sensitive client information. With Firm Exchange, all communication is siloed by deal team, meaning you contact the right people, every time.

File Sharing Made Easy

Don’t lose track of what files you have shared on a deal or risk sending one client’s documents to the wrong person. In Firm Exchange, all shared documents are stored in the cloud and easily viewed within an Exchange Space with each potential buyer.

Never Miss a Critical Update

Sometimes it can be taxing to manage multiple deals at once. The inbox fills up, the to-do list gets overwhelming, and something inevitably slips through the cracks. With Firm Exchange, our easy-to-use dashboard keeps the status of all your deals right at your fingertips.