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At Firm Exchange, we built an intuitive platform, so you can sell your business with confidence.

We understand that selling a small business can be an emotional process, and it is important to get it right. That’s why we have made it easier by bringing together everything you need in one place.

Our marketing team builds digital advertising campaigns specifically tailored for all posted listings. When you post your business for sale on Firm Exchange, you'll benefit from this complimentary service. This targeted approach drives more potential buyers to your listing.

Learn more about the selling process by checking out our blog and join today to start listing your business.

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Our innovative platform makes selling a small business easier than ever

  • Easy-to-use listing creation tool, with tooltips to answer commonly asked questions, generates professional, ad-free listing to attract potential buyers
  • Preview your listing at any time to make sure it looks exactly as you’d expect - only pay when you are ready to post
  • Managing business inquiries through our integrated communications platform means you never lose track of a potential buyer
  • Access to our industry-leading deal management tools - built from the ground up to support your deal process and guide you every step of the way

Listing rating system prioritizes transparency

Our unique rating system, the Listing Completion Rating (LC Rating), emphasizes information transparency. The reason is simple—getting relevant information in front of buyers early helps get deals done more quickly. Our platform does two critical things to make the process smooth for you.

First, we help you figure out what information you'll need, with tooltips to answer any questions you might have. Second, you control who sees what information and when. It’s your data, and our system treats it that way.

We believe the most thorough listings should get the best placement, not who pays the most. Easily monitor your LC Rating and increase your score to increase the exposure of your business at no extra cost.

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You only pay when you post your listing and make it available for search.

For a limited time, we are offering introductory pricing when you post your listing:

Lifetime Listing

Single Payment

Pay once for listing and lock in your
listing cost.

(for a limited time)

A terrific value for selling one or a few businesses.

Other sites charge a monthly fee for each listing, meaning the longer your business takes to sell, the more money they make. This plan aligns our interests and means we share your goal of selling your business as quickly as possible!

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Unlimited Listings

Monthly Subscription

Pay once per month and receive
unlimited listings.

(for a limited time)

An excellent option for selling several businesses each year.

Our deal management tools are helpful for sellers who are juggling multiple listings, particularly business brokers. We want to encourage your success and do so by offering individual users an unlimited number of listings and geographic reach!

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